The year so far...

This has been a long year for Jackson.  I would think at 11, new diagnoses would be less and less. However, he has been diagnosed with epilepsy, dysgenesis of the corpus callosum, pituitary hypoplasia, growth hormone deficiency, hypothyroid, allergies to pretty much all nuts (it used to just be peanuts and milk).  All of this since February. We've added two new daily meds, with the potential of daily growth hormone injections, pending insurance approval.  He had 11 teeth pulled, 8 baby, the rest adult tooth buds.  The baby teeth weren't coming out on their own, and the surgeon determined they were fused to the jaw bone.  Three ED visits for croup and various other illnesses.  Whew.

And, somehow, he's relatively unaffected by everything.  All that matters to him his the iPad, Alphabits, music, Legos and the new shoes he got yesterday.

Object du Jour: iPad, I can hear him in the other room asking Siri to show him a picture of Curious George at summer school.

Song Du Jour:  Radio, Radio by Elvis Costello

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